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Our dogs

Dutch K9 Centre is proud to be a premier supplier of top quality working dogs, with hundreds of successful k9’s currently working in the US and throughout the world. We have a large selection of dogs at all times and if we don’t have the perfect k9 for your needs, rest assured, we can find it. We will work with you to determine what your needs are and how best to proceed. Just as we sell dogs worldwide, we also search the world over to find the best dogs and match them with our clients. It’s our passion, our mission, it’s even in our blood – the Dutch have been selecting and training the world’s best police K9’s from the beginning of 1900’s and we still take that tradition seriously. Because we know what you will be asking of your dogs. We know they have to perform in the real world, no matter how stressful or unfamiliar the situation is. We know your life and the lives of others will depend on the quality of our dogs.

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K9 Procurement

Dutch K9 Centre is a preferred supplier for many large governmental institutions and training sites worldwide due to our constant supply of quality dogs. We always have an expert on the road, travelling across the Netherlands and throughout Europe in the search for the best dogs. We hand select and thoroughly test every dog we purchase, for both workability and health, allowing us to guarantee world class quality and a wide selection to fit your needs. The dogs we select are social dogs with good temperaments, highly driven and focused workers, and boast bomb proof nerves that will carry them through any situation. All of our dogs receive a health inspection prior to sale performed by our licensed veterinarian. This inspection consists of:

# X-ray
# Microchip
# International passport and health certificate
# Rabies vaccination # Kennel cough vaccination
# Cocktail vaccination

*Any additional medical services are available upon request and performed at the buyers expense

Guaranteed satisfaction

The costumer who purchases our dogs is able, if requested, to use the service of working out extra’s within the appointed terms of delivery. Through a joint consultation, where you as customer can apply you’re wishes from where we develop the content to all satisfaction: Appointed term of delivery and the term of guaranty, the way/method of payment, this to everyone’s and all sides satisfaction fitting to the situation.