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Henk Verbeek - Owner

Owner, Henk Verbeek, is renowned for producing and selecting some of the world’s finest working dogs. He has spent 40 + years perfecting his process of testing a dog’s pure genetic quality and is trusted by government departments and security companies across the globe to hand pick their dogs. In addition to his unsurpassed ability to select and produce genetically superior dogs, Henk is also a successful trainer within the KNPV program, titling more than 16 dogs to the highest levels and competing in the national championships on several occasions. Aside from his many years of judging the program, he has given numerous seminars on policedog training. both at home and abroad and has written several articles for the diverse organization, detailing the significance of policedogs in the history and preservation of today’s working dog. Henk combines his ability to bring dogs to the highest levels of KNPV competition with his experience in handling and training “real world dogs.” At the onset of his career, Henk trained and handled working dogs for the Royal Netherlands Army, gave instruction for a view years, to the handlers from the Dutch police. There he learned firsthand what qualities are needed in a working dog and what the consequences are if those qualities are not met. He knows his client’s lives and livelihoods depend on the dogs he supplies and he takes that responsibility seriously. Since Dutch K9 Centre’s inception, Henk has stood by every dog he selected and approved, guaranteeing quality and building a reputation based on trust that has made him one of the world’s top k9 suppliers. He is often on the road, traveling throughout the Netherlands and Europe to test and select dogs for his clients. When he is not testing dogs, he is consulting with breeders on how to better their programs or teaching agencies how to get the most out of their K9 units. He instructs students in his genetic selection and training process both at Dutch k9 Centre’s home base and at seminars held across the globe.

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Petra Vandalon - Co Owner

Co-owner Petra Vandalon is a respected trainer and judge within the KNPV program. She has titled and competed successfully with various dogs, and has attended the KNPV championships as both a national level judge and a placing competitor. In addition to her expertise in high level competition training, Petra is also an experienced breeder and caretaker of working dogs and is a certified veterinary assistant and groomer, assuring that all dogs within their program are of the best physical health and genetic quality. While Petra Vandalon is an integral part of Dutch k9’s training and selection process, her greatest contribution to the company is her talent for teaching students the art of dog training. Petra is Dutch K9’s chief course instructor and she uses her knowledge in the field of psychology to teach her students the science behind how animals learn. Her infectious passion and an ability to give clear hands on instruction has made her a leader among dog training educators and leaves her students feeling inspired and confident in their understanding of dog behavior and training methods. When she is not abroad giving seminars, Petra can be found at Dutch k9 Centre’s home base, updating their series of online tutorials, developing her next course plan, or studying the ever evolving field of animal psychology. To reach Petra, email her at: